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About Us

We invite you to join us at Nefeli Nine for a week long no-nonsense, luxury fitness retreat featuring yoga, hiking and slow living inspired meals. Melt away unwanted fat, wave goodbye to mental stress and transform your well-being.

​Nefeli Nine is located amid the raw, wild beauty of Dikastika, with expansive views on the Mediterranean. Very close to the historic Marathon, come and experience the true spirit of Greece….the wild olive trees perched along the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the sweet smell of Jasmine and the explosion of colour from the beautiful bougainvilleas that embellish the landscape.​

At Nefeli Nine we offer you something exceptional, a luxury fitness holiday that will invigorate your life and the way you live it. There is no level of fitness required, we modify our program when needed, allowing everyone to work as a team and put the finishing touches in together. Regardless of whether you have just completed an Iron Man or are struggling to take your first steps into fitness you will be challenged, motivated and rejuvenated!

Relax your mind, refresh your body, revitalise your life. Reserve your seat at our table….there’s a spanakopita and a glass of ouzo waiting for you.

Our aims are:

To Inspire

Motivate, challenge, change and revitalise. 


To Transform

Lives, make them happier, healthier and invigorated


To Illustrate

How you can easily make changes, regardless of fitness level, age, or experience


To Pull

Not push!

Relax your mind, refresh your body, revitalise your life. Reserve your seat at our table...there’s a spanakopita and a glass of ouzo waiting for you.

Meaning behind the name, Nefeli Nine

The name Nefeli derives from the ancient Greek word νέφος (nefos) meaning cloud. We chose to use the name Nefeli Nine to represent Cloud Nine where you will be at the end of your stay.  

According to Greek mythology, Nefeli was a cloud nymph created by Zeus from a cloud in the image of Hera. Mother of Centaurs, she is also the goddess of hospitality and appears in the story of Frixos and Elli and in the myth of the golden fleece.



Our diet plan consists of natural, fresh, local ingredients. We avoid all processed sugars, chemicals and additives. Our menu is largely vegetarian, supplemented by organic lean meat and fresh fish all inspired by slow-living and the Blue Zones.

The Location

Dikastika will enchant you by transporting you through its unspoiled beauty, rural scenery and historical monuments to a glorious past. Indulge in pure luxury at this wonderful traditional villa with panoramic views on the sea from every room. 

Located very close to Marathon (yes 26 miles from Athens!) the area is rich in history… from the famous battle of the Greeks versus Persians, the birthplace of the Marathon and you can even still visit the city of Rhamnous, a well-preserved and ancient citadel dating from 400BC.  During your time at Nefeli Nine we will explore these ancient wonders and get lost amid pieces of living history. 

Starting in 2022, we are excited to host retreats in two new locations: Nafplio and Pelion.

The Location
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