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The Team


 Why do you want to start a Fitness Retreat?
 This is twofold for me, and stems from two equally important things: 

Love for Fitness & Sport: this was something I developed later in life. As a child I was extremely ‘unsporty’ (I loved ballet and all things girly!) but with time this changed, and sport became the reason I woke up in the morning. During my adult life sport has always been important as it makes me feel better. It is through sport that I have met most of my friends. It has taught me how to work with people, how to achieve my goals, even how to set goals that are attainable. This is something I want to share with people, to inspire people to use sport and fitness to make changes in their life. Physical change stimulates mental change!! 

Love for Greece: I grew up in the UK, lived briefly in France and in the US. As my grandparents got older and we started spending more time with them in Athens, I started discovering Greece more and it’s an outstanding place. Travelling around the mainland and falling in love with everything I saw! Greece has beautiful sea, mountains, rivers, it has huge amounts of culture, fantastic food and great weather. People will undoubtedly feel inspired here.


My passion for sport and outdoors started from the very beginning of my life, when my father would take me on adventures through the Ligurian woods in search of delicious Porcini mushrooms. Now more than ever I feel connected to those roots, and through Nefeli Nine that's the message that I invite you to share.

A year ago, I began my Greek adventure, and I couldn't be happier to have found a place that I started calling home from day one: from the bright colours of the bougainvillea and the smell of hot pine trees, to the unmistakable vibes of Athens, this place couldn't have a stronger personality.
Looking forward to sharing all of this with you at our next retreat!

Meet the team; Steph & Emilio
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