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Our Guests Share their Experiences

What an amazing week from start to finish! Steph is the most wonderful hostess (and chef) who puts so much care into every aspect of the retreat, from the food to the activities and people she works with. Her love for Greece is infectious and her knowledge of the country is impressive. The combination of yoga and hiking was perfect too. For anyone looking for a fun, active and restorative week away, I couldn’t recommend Nefeli Nine retreats enough!

- N.W. London

You and your crew were amazing and a delight to spend the week with. Everything was great!!

- S.S. New York

Attending the Nefeli Nine retreat has been incredible and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Steph, Barbara, Archelaos and Anafe managed to create a fun, challenging and yet relaxing week in which to reset and balance my body and mind. Their love of the landscape, local foods, playful yoga and warm personalities captured the whole groups imagination!

- F.S. Boston

Great accommodation, hospitality, plant-based meals & relaxed activities. A group of 8 solo travellers which made for interesting conversations & learning. Top yoga teacher & amazing massage; knowledgeable & engaging hike leader. Wonderful to get out into the local hills for walking & taverna lunches; sea swims very welcome treat. Thank you Steph & team for a fab week.

- S.S. Oxfordshire

Nefeli Nine retreat was a great experience. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. I went into the retreat with one goal in mind which was to relax, unwind and keep my fitness levels up for the week. The retreat actually gave me a lot more than I had planned. Firstly, we had a really nice, even balanced group. I met some really lovely and interesting people. Each individual made the retreat a lovely experience. The nature was far better than I expected. It was my first time in Greece so I had no vision of nature in Greece and no imagination of what I might see. The hiking guide talking us through all the plants and regions was insightful and interesting. The food overall was exceptional. Each of the meals were cooked fresh and locally sourced, each meal was carefully prepared and very enjoyable.


The yoga was very good, the teacher would adapt to how the group was feeling, not to say she made it easy all the time. It was thought through and also mediative at times which was nice. The range of yoga types made each class varied and interesting. 


Overall, I got a lot out of the experience and would recommend it to anyone interested in Greece, hiking, food, yoga.

- M.M. London

This is a “secret” world that should be advertised to more blokes. The mix of amazing food, activity and yoga made this the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. I will certainly be returning!


- P.L. London

It was a fabulous week. We all loved it sooooo much. The villa, the yoga, the hiking, food. Everything was brilliant.

You have put together a wonderful team who brought a relaxed happy vibe and a can do attitude. Well done. 

I am already looking forward to next year!!! I certainly missed my morning yoga session this morning!!!


Thanks again for all your effort and going that extra mile to ensure we all had a great time. 


- S.B., United Kingdom

What an amazing week . I had not expected such an intimate and well looked after little group . Your attention to detail surpassed any expectations I may have had!

Thank you for taking care of my specific diet requests. I was very grateful and felt very full of my favourite foods. There were so many highlights! I particularly loved our hike to the sea, a quick dip and delicious lunch which was heavenly and again I had not expected the beauty of the area and the quality of our dining experience.


Thank you on so many levels, I feel fantastic both in spirit and my body. I would definitely re-book when there is a possibility to do so. 


- H.P., United Kingdom

If you are into healthy living, Nefeli Nine Retreat is seriously heaven on earth. Note how I said, “into healthy living”.  This retreat is not only for the people who are already doing all the right things (eating correctly, daily yoga and fitness) but also for those who want to veer in that direction. People like me!


I spent one week living the Nefeli Nine way and didn’t want to leave.  Simply put, it was living the best version of life I can imagine.

-- Jessica, Athens Coast. Read Jessica’s full review here

This is one of the few special places described as being a blue zone. A global health spot. For me, it was pure gold. Days full of both purpose and exercise but also time to rest, reflect and restore.

Steph and Emilio radiate energy, enthusiasm and commitment to deliver both a message and mission of health to result in a feeling of well-being.

The totally diverse group bonded (I am twice their age). Through humour and endeavour, an uplifting common ground was quickly found.  

Each meal is a delight both visual and taste.


-- S.B., United Kingdom

I have just returned from a short Nefeli Nine break. I was promised home-cooked food, 3-hour hikes daily, and alternating yoga/fitness training by my hosts.

What I actually got was the most delicious vegan/veggie food I have ever tasted. Breakfast lunch and dinner was something I really looked forward to. One day lunch was served at an old working farm and our final day we had lunch at a traditional beachside taverna so close to the shore we actually swam as lunch was being prepared.

I had never been on a hike before and was totally blown away by the variety of hikes, the knowledge of the guide and the fact that you didn’t have to be superfit to enjoy the best 3 hours of the day. And now the final part!! Yes. the workouts!! and the yoga!! 

I wasn’t looking forward to this part, but I have to say the instruction on the body movements and particularly for the muscles that we were about to use for the hikes were amazing and very inspiring. So much so that since I have been back, I have stretched every single day. The yoga was fun and very lighthearted, and I wish I was there and would continue with this teacher.

All around very enjoyable, It was ME time and so glad I went, it was totally stress-free and self-indulgent!

-- S.P., United Kingdom

Each morning when I woke up in the big stone villa overlooking the sea, I would sort of giggle to myself and think, 'This is really happening! I actually get to spend the day hiking and doing yoga in beautiful Greece!'  Then I would remind myself that I also didn't have to plan my meals for the day.  Healthy food would just appear!  I would then float down the stairs to morning mobility, truly on cloud nine.

-- J.V., Athens, Greece

A week I won't forget for a long time - We laughed most of the day, we look and feel a lot healthier, and I have become a hiking fan. And I lost 4 kgs.

-- N.P., Geneva, Switzerland

Before coming to you I had put together a checklist of all the things I was hoping to achieve during my week, both health and weight-related. The combination of the hikes, wonderful food and relaxing in your lovely house resulted in my ticking off every single item on the list. Truly a surprise which I had not expected. Thank you for an amazing week, see you again next June.

-- A.H., Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, UK

…I was initially apprehensive about going to a country I didn’t know to spend a week with people I didn’t know. But right from the very start I was made to feel as if we were old friends. I really enjoyed the incredible scenery on the hikes, the food was just amazing and it all passed so fast. I just wish I had the time to do this every month! Thank you, thank you.

-- J.D., St. P. de Vence

Steph, I was so happy after my week with you all at Nefeli. A newbie to hiking is now obsessed with it.

-- John P., London

We had a wonderful day with Nefeli Nine! The hike was gorgeous, the weather was sweet and we enjoyed the view of Athens from above! To complement the zen vibes of nature Nefeli Nine had prepared for us a relaxing yoga session and then a picnic with delicious food! Thank you for everything Stephanie and Nefeli Nine!!

-- Sofia A, Athens 

This holiday is rather special – highly recommend! I feel refreshed, uplifted, energised, stronger and more in tune with my body and mind. I would have happily stayed another week – it is that good!


Authentically warm hosts uniquely tailored the experience to my preferences, be it food, drink or yoga asanas. I enjoyed staying in a comfortable villa, using great quality toiletries and fluffy towels provided, appreciating the magnificent sea view and sunrises from my bedroom/balconies/pool area. The food was super tasty and plentiful. Daily walks were delightful and there were many surprise experiences, not published in the programme, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

-- Julia, London

After waiting a year and a half, I finally got to attend a yoga retreat with Nefeli Nine (“Nefeli” means “cloud” in Greek), which had been cancelled just before Covid started. It certainly lived up to expectations.


I have been to several yoga retreats, some in Greece, and I’ve loved them all. What made this one extra special was the love and care lavished on us by our host, Steph. As promised, we ate three beautiful, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals each day, and enjoyed Greek wines in the evening. The one vegan in our group was thoughtfully accommodated at each meal. We also enjoyed excellent, soulful yoga classes taught by the amazing and hilarious Eirini, a Greek product designer who became a yoga instructor several years ago. And then were hikes, each beautiful and very different from one another, delivered by creative botanist Archaelos. Steph herself cooked and baked for us each day, including her delicious homemade granola, helped by Anafei, who cared for the house, cleaned tirelessly, and helped with the cooking, always with good cheer. And we were each treated to a massage by Emily, who was so warm and excellent at her craft. I told Steph it was like visiting a good friend in a beautiful house and being relieved of guilt for not helping out.


Steph’s enjoyment in the hosting process is palpable, and she has surrounded herself with excellent practitioners who are also her caring friends. She provided all kinds of extras like yoga mats, blocks, and Greek beach towels, thoughtfully brand new during Covid, and kept the group’s numbers low to make everyone feel extra comfortable during this time.


I can’t wait to attend another retreat, and in the meantime look forward to returning Steph’s hospitality in New York!

-- Allison, New York

The time at Nefeli 9 was a fantastic experience and I would come back anytime. I loved the gentle yoga classes, the panoramic hikes, the relaxed atmosphere and the wonderful food. Thanks for having us and for making our stay extraordinary.

-- Nathalie, Switzerland

The retreat was a delight, balanced and nourishing, friendly and relaxed. Stephanie and her team are approachable and very knowledgeable. The hikes were well planned and led, and each individual hike had a different point of interest to provide focus and local information. The food was simply outstanding, both at the retreat and also the local restaurants we visited. The yoga sessions were skillfully led and the massage was a highpoint. The whole stay was excellent value and I would recommend Nefeli Nine to anyone.

-- Simon, United Kingdom

I loved it. You made me feel like I am spending time with great friends I know for a long time, not with a bunch of strangers we really were. Memories of this week always make me smile. Thank you.

-- Galyna, United Kingdom

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