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Exploring some of the country’s most magnificent and surprisingly diverse terrains, hiking is the best way to discover Greece’s natural beauty. What you see here is a selection of pictures from all of our retreats to inspire you – and give you a glimpse into what you’re in for!  

Yoga & Fitness

At Nefeli Nine retreats, we believe that everyone can -and should- feel good in their bodies and the best way to do that is to move! Our team of experienced teachers will guide you through a rejuvenating daily practice that will help you feel uplifted and grounded at the same time, bringing balance to your day.

The Food

Inspired by the Blue Zones and slow living, at Nefeli Nine we are proud to provide you with a daily diet plan that consists of natural, fresh, local ingredients, with no processed sugars, chemicals and additives. The food at Nefeli Nine is mostly plant-based, mostly local, all homemade, but most importantly: rich, heartening and just plain delicious! 


Home to our signature retreat, our villa in Dikastika is a haven in a little-known spot in Greece, a stone’s throw away from Athens. Perched on the cliffs above the sea and overlooking Evia Island, this peaceful locale is the perfect place to relax and get centered.


Mythology tells us Pelion is where the Olympian gods chose to spend their summer holidays, and a visit to what is known as the mountain of the Centaurs will certainly give you an idea as to why! At our Pelion retreat you will be guided through breathtaking mountain trails, traditional villages, and peaceful beaches. All you have to do is follow along, take in the surroundings and enjoy the fresh, locally sourced food that is prepared every day for you. 


Nestled within the rugged landscapes of northwestern Greece, Zagorochoria captivates with its timeless charm. A sanctuary for hikers seeking solitude amidst nature's splendor, these picturesque villages offer a glimpse into traditional Greek life. Imposing mountains, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls create an unforgettable backdrop for unforgettable hiking adventures.

Northern Peloponnese 

Explore the rugged beauty of the Northern Peloponnese, where ancient history meets breathtaking landscapes. Traverse winding trails through lush forests, past cascading waterfalls, and up rocky peaks offering panoramic views of the Corinthian Gulf. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of this enchanting region.

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