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Nefeli Nine Retreats in Greece

Discover Nefeli Nine Retreats

A luxury fitness holiday that will invigorate your life and the way you live it. Relax your mind, refresh your body and revitalise your life.

Welcome to Nefeli Nine

We invite you to our luxury hiking and yoga retreats in beautiful Greece

Discover our Retreats

Discover our Retreats

Dikastika Home

Signature Retreat

Discover hikes of breathtaking beauty which are suitable for all ages and abilities. Enjoy daily yoga classes and delicious organic wholesome food – lots of it.

Day Trip view of the mountains

Day Trips in Athens

A day of hiking with experienced guides along meandering mountain paths with spectacular views as well as ancient trails with lots of history.

Nafplio Beach

Nafplio Retreat

Hike to ancient sites, sea kayak in turquoise waters to secluded bays, discover idyllic beaches along the coast and enjoy two yoga sessions daily.

Dikastika Home Dining Area

Weekend Breaks

Join us for a weekend escape and feel refreshed, renewed and supercharged. Where better to forget about your busy city life than sea and mountains.

Pelion Retreat Home

Pelion Retreat

Stay in a beautiful villa, submerged within nature and with panoramic views overlooking the mountainside and sea.

Still water and forest

Hiking & Cultural Tour

Travel with Nefeli Nine and Nomads Path and experience the beauty of Greek nature and some of the country’s most inspiring landscapes.


Can't find exactly what you're looking for?

We offer bespoke retreats

Contact us and we can help organise and curate a retreat just for you and your group!

Our programme is based on studies of Blue Zones* where it has been proven that people live healthier, longer and more active lives.

Nefeli Nine and the Blue Zones

At Nefeli Nine, we draw much inspiration from the Blue Zones. We believe that these unique regions, where people live longer and healthier lives, offer valuable insights into holistic well-being. Our retreat embraces the principles of community, natural movement, and stress reduction that are at the core of Blue Zone living. We offer daily hikes through breathtaking landscapes, rejuvenating yoga sessions, and a diet inspired by Blue Zone principles, emphasizing plant-based and locally sourced ingredients. By incorporating these elements, Nefeli Nine strives to create an environment that nurtures not only physical health but also a sense of balance and vitality.

Eat a whole-food, predominantly plant-based diet. (Naturally low in fats and sugars)

Practice stress managements techniques (Yoga, Massage, Reflexology)

Daily exercise with a difference

Reset & Rebalance

*"Blue Zone is a term given to geographic regions where people have shown to live longer, and have lower rates of disease than anywhere else. One of the Blue Zones is found on Ikaria, an island in Greece." ​


Nourish Yourself

Food is an integral part of the overall experience, and the menu has been carefully designed to ensure it's both delicious and healthy. At Nefeli Nine we offer mostly plant-based, mostly local, all homemade, and absolutely delicious! You certainly won't go hungry on this retreat.

What our guests say

 This is a “secret” world that should be advertised to more blokes. The mix of amazing food, activity and yoga made this the most relaxing holiday!

P.L, London

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