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The Team




Why do you want to start a Fitness Retreat?
This is twofold for me, and stems from two equally important things: 

Love for Fitness & Sport: this was something I developed later in life. As a child I was extremely ‘unsporty’ (I loved ballet and all things girly!) but with time this changed, and sport became the reason I woke up in the morning. During my adult life sport has always been important as it makes me feel better. It is through sport that I have met most of my friends. It has taught me how to work with people, how to achieve my goals, even how to set goals that are attainable. This is something I want to share with people, to inspire people to use sport and fitness to make changes in their life. Physical change stimulates mental change!! 

Love for Greece: I grew up in the UK, lived briefly in France and in the US. As my grandparents got older and we started spending more time with them in Athens, I started discovering Greece more and it’s an outstanding place. Travelling around the mainland and falling in love with everything I saw! Greece has beautiful sea, mountains, rivers, it has huge amounts of culture, fantastic food and great weather. People will undoubtedly feel inspired here.



Yoga Teacher 


My name is Eirini which is also the Greek word for peace. 


Back in 2014, my curiosity about Eastern philosophy and the existential crisis I was going through led me to my first yoga class in Greece in Syros where I studied. Since then I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner making Yoga a way of life. In October 2018 I completed my 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Yoke Yoga in Melbourne, Australia and since then I have been teaching yoga in Melbourne and Greece. 


I love learning new things and evolving so I keep deepening my knowledge in the field of Yoga Therapy especially for musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain.


As a Yoga teacher, I encourage people to experience the deeper levels of their existence by combining the yoga tradition with science-based tools and practices. My intention is to raise self-awareness, helping people to unlock their full potential as human beings.


I am also a vegetarian and I do enjoy practising nudism on beautiful beaches. Besides that, I love reading, watching movies, camping, and spending quality time with friends.



Hiking Guide 

My name is Archelaos and I have been working as an adventure guide for 5 years now. I love doing outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking and I feel blessed for having the chance to turn my hobby into my job. There is nothing better than exploring nature’s gifts and sharing them with other people.


I am half Greek, half German and I grew up in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. Ever since my childhood I’ve been looking for the frequent contact with our mother nature.


As a nature lover I have a great interest in flora and I like sharing this knowledge with my fellow travelers. Through nature exploration and observation we can learn many interesting things and feel the fulfillment and enthusiasm that nature and the Greek culture can give us. My priority is always to make you feel joyful and safe under my guidance.

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