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The Locations

Explore Greece's varied landscapes with Nefeli Nine and get ready for a blend of tranquility, culture, and natural beauty

Greece, a country of extraordinary diversity, unfolds a rich tapestry of natural wonders across its varied landscapes. From the coastal allure of Dikastika with its sandy beaches to the lush greenery and waterfalls of Pelion's mountainous terrain, Greece caters to diverse preferences. The unspoiled beauty of the Northern Peloponnese reveals majestic mountains and historic sites, while the picturesque villages of Zagorochoria in Epirus showcase traditional architecture and stone bridges against a backdrop of stunning mountain landscapes. Athens, the vibrant urban hub, offers tranquil escapes amidst ancient ruins and scenic hills. Nefeli Nine curates visits to all these enchanting places, providing a seamless blend of exploration, tranquility, and cultural immersion.


Dikastika will enchant you by transporting you through its unspoiled beauty, rural scenery and historical monuments to a glorious past. Indulge in pure luxury at this wonderful traditional villa with panoramic views on the sea from every room. 

Located very close to Marathon (yes 26 miles from Athens!) the area is rich in history… from the famous battle of the Greeks versus Persians, the birthplace of the Marathon and you can even still visit the city of Rhamnous, a well-preserved and ancient citadel dating from 400BC.  During your time at Nefeli Nine we will explore these ancient wonders and get lost amid pieces of living history. 

Pelion Amazing Beach.jpeg


Pelion – a perfect corner of Greece, considered as one of Europe's leading destinations for a wellness getaway.

In Pelion, every season provides a different perspective and something unique to the environment and the landscape which changes dramatically. The seasonal changes influence the activities. October is synonymous with mushroom and chestnut season, and one of the activities will be foraging local mushrooms and learning how to cook with them.  

We will take you on a journey which explores the beauty and tranquility of nature, the local culture and healthy way of living.


Zagorochoria, a cluster of 46 traditional, and very picturesque, villages in the Zagori region built in a magical setting amidst pine and fir trees. The impressive stone villages and the undulating, natural forests surrounding them are the ingredients of an unparalleled destination that should not be missed! 


Each one of these small mountainous villages is characterized by unique beauty, impressive architecture and a deep history. Authentic Greek traditions thrive in each one of these villages making this a fantastic location to not only explore the beautiful terrain but to also enjoy amazing cultural experiences, and possibly the best local cuisine in Greece!


Northern Peloponnese

The Northern Peloponnese is rich in culture and nature and unexpectedly unspoiled. Experience diverse landscapes from the picturesque Lake Tsivlou to the extraordinary plane trees in Planitero, the breathtaking Vouraikos Gorge, and one of Greece's most impressive caves.

Orias Farmhouse, a unique farm stay accommodation, is immersed in the heart of a 20-acre organic farm. It is an enclave of relaxation and rural simplicity, nestled in the foothills of Mount Chelmos in the northern Peloponnese.


Kalavryta, a historically important town positioned between the river and the mountain which is also famous for its cog railway, is the perfect getaway.


Surrounding the bustling city of Athens, there are tranquil escapes where nature takes center stage. We embark on captivating hikes that lead you through diverse landscapes, from the rugged terrain of Mount Pendeli with its ancient quarry to the enchanting Mystiko forest. Explore Thalassa for stunning Aegean views and wander through the vibrant neighborhood of Polis. Each location, including Pendeli, Mystiko, Thalassa, and Polis, reveals a unique facet of Athens' natural beauty, making these hikes a memorable exploration of the city's captivating landscapes.

Image by Oleksii Khodakivskiy

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