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The Food

The food at Nefeli Nine is mostly plant-based, mostly local, all homemade, and absolutely delicious! You certainly won't go hungry on this retreat.

The food is an integral part of the overall experience, and the menu has been carefully designed to ensure it's both delicious and healthy. Working alongside clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Panagiotis Tsintavis, the team have designed a menu that is balanced, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory and tailored to support the energy needs of guests.

The meals are predominantly plant-based, with an emphasis on whole grains, legumes, and fresh vegetables. They are free from refined sugars, artificial additives, and processed foods, which can negatively affect health. Instead, the focus is on healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy throughout the day. 



Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is an approach to nutrition that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying root causes of health issues through personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Functional nutrition practitioners work with clients to understand their unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to their health issues. By analyzing a person's diet, health history, and lab work, functional nutrition practitioners create personalized nutrition plans to support the body's natural healing processes, promote optimal health, and prevent chronic disease.

Our diet plan consists of natural, fresh, local ingredients. We avoid all processed sugars, chemicals and additives. Our menu is largely vegetarian, supplemented by organic lean meat and fresh fish all inspired by slow-living and the Blue Zones.

Things you might see on the menu

Before our retreats, we take special care to accommodate any dietary needs. We provide a form to notify us of any allergies, intolerances, or food preferences. 


Breakfast is always served with a variety of teas and freshly brewed coffee

  • Homemade granola with yoghurt and fruits

  • Blueberry and lemon overnight oats

  • Coconut porridge with a raspberry coulis

  • Banana pancakes with a selection of toppings



  • Crustless zucchini pie served with a quinoa and black eyed pea salad

  • Lentil and mushroom falafel with green tahini, served with grilled halloumi and a chopped salad

  • Sweet potato frittata on a mixed leaf salad

  • Grilled fresh fish served with wild greens and potatoes


  • Polenta-crusted eggplant served on a chickpea and tomato confit with baked feta

  • Grilled tuna steaks with puy lentils and a salsa verde

  • Chickpea and spinach stew, served on quinoa with toasted almonds

  • Super Green soup with cannellini beans and rice and a poached egg



  • Homemade chocolate truffles

  • Chia seed pudding

  • Fruit salad

Save yourself a seat!

There’s a spanakopita and a glass of ouzo waiting for you.

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