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Hiking & Cultural Tour

Hiking & Cultural Tour in one of Greece’s most beautiful and undiscovered areas

Travel with Nefeli Nine and Nomads Path and experience the beauty of Greek nature and some of the country’s most inspiring landscapes. Ancient history, rich culture and dramatic mountain scenery are daily features of this trip.


This tour is designed for hiking and nature enthusiasts and takes you to some of the most majestic parts of the Vikos Aoos National Park. The trails in this region are some of the most dramatic in Greece, not only for avid hikers, but also for every nature and wildlife enthusiast. We will walk along ancient footpaths, and discover Greece’s cultural heritage and history on our routes.  


Discover the unspoiled Greece, far away from tourist haunts, following hiking trails through lush valleys, ancient sites, old pathways and more.

The Location

Zagorochoria, a cluster of 46 traditional, and very picturesque, villages in the Zagori region built in a magical setting amidst pine and fir trees. The impressive stone villages and the undulating, natural forests surrounding them are the ingredients of an unparalleled destination that should not be missed! 


Each one of these small mountainous villages is characterized by unique beauty, impressive architecture and a deep history. Authentic Greek traditions thrive in each one of these villages making this a fantastic location to not only explore the beautiful terrain but to also enjoy amazing cultural experiences, and possibly the best local cuisine in Greece!


The Zagori villages, or “Zagorochoria”, meaning “the place beyond the mountains”. For centuries, the region was controlled by a separate residential, historical, and cultural charter, and was fully protected by the governments ruling it. This of course created many customs and culinary products that are unique to the area.


Together with its welcoming people, Zagorochoria is home to remarkable natural diversity and beauty. This includes the Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge in Europe, the crystal clear Voidomatis River, and the surrounding UNESCO geopark. The plush greenery, a number of rare species of birds and animals, the distinct architecture and bridges that characterize the area combine to make Zagori one of the most picturesque destinations in Greece.

What's Included

  • 6 nights in traditional hotels 

  • All meals and snacks included (wine included)

  • Transport from Ioannina Airport (transport from Athens available at an extra cost) 

  • 3 cultural activities

  • Daily yoga/stretching classes to ease your muscles 

  • Hiking equipment (poles)

  • English speaking guides 

  • VAT

What to Expect

Sample programme:

  • 07:45 - 08:15 - Breakfast

  • 08:45 - Head out for a 3-5 hour hike

  • 13:30 - Light picnic lunch

  • 15:30 - 17:30 - Between lunch and dinner, there will be a couple of hours to read a good book, take a nap, call your family, or even go for a little stroll in the area.

    Some afternoons there will be activities organised but there will always be some time for you to relax and unwind.

  • 18:00 - Gentle stretching/yoga class to soothe your muscles

  • 20:00 - Dinner time

Highlights Include

  • Exploring the traditional villages 

  • Hike Vikos gorge

  • Hike Vradeto steps

  • Explore the famous stone bridges of central Zagori

  • Rafting

  • Taste traditional local food

  • Wine tasting 

  • Cooking and baking lesson

  • 5 days of hiking 

    • Roughly 45km covered 

    • The longest trail is 15km 


Rooms and Pricing

Sole Occupancy


Shared Occupancy

Discover unspoiled Greece, following hiking trails through lush valleys, ancient sites, old pathways and more!

23rd - 29th June 2024

  • Backpack

  • Hiking shirts

  • Hiking trousers

  • Hiking shorts

  • Water-proof jacket with hood

  • Hiking socks

  • Lightweight hiking shoes (MUST be worn in!)

  • At least two changes of exercise clothing

  • Trainers

  • Very casual evening clothes.

  • Something to carry your water in while on your hike

  • Hat to protect you from sun and/or sunglasses

  • Plenty of t-shirts for training

  • Jumper and a light jacket for the evening

  • Swimming suit

Packing List

Travel with Nefeli Nine and Nomads Path and experience the beauty of Greek nature

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