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Hiking, Kayaking & Yoga in Nafplio

Actively explore Nafplio, one of most beautiful towns in the Peloponnese. Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834. The town has a fascinating history and sweeps visitors away with its Venetian charm. According to mythology, it was built by Poseidon’s son, Nafplios, who named the city after himself. 


Nafplio has been a significant port since the Bronze Age and its strategic position led to the construction of three fortresses throughout its history: The largest, Palamidi, the smaller Akronafplia and Bourtzi, found on an islet west of the old town.


The Location

Nafplio is an ideal base to explore many nearby ancient sites including Mycenae and Epidaurus. 


Hike to ancient sites, sea kayak in turquoise waters to secluded bays, discover idyllic beaches along the coast, enjoy two yoga sessions daily. Pan Expeditions will be leading all the kayaking activities.

The Food

Delicious and creative meals with a mainly vegan/vegetarian twist will be served. Each meal is balanced to keep you energised throughout the day.


All food is seasonal and freshly prepared. We always try to introduce new and interesting ingredients and bring the best of Greek cuisine to the table.


And of course the local wine features prominently at dinner!

What's Included

  • 6 nights accommodation - Luxury detached boutique villa

  • Transfers from Athens to Nafplio

  • Yoga classes. Relax and flow yoga + meditation

  • 3 hikes to nearby villages, ancient sites and more!

  • 2 days kayaking

  • Freshly prepared meals 

  • Some downtime to switch off and relax

  • Experienced and passionate trainers/teachers to guide you through your retreat holiday

Rooms and Pricing

Shared Occupancy


Sole Occupancy


Join us in Nafplio and embark on your next adventure

  • Backpack

  • Hiking shirts

  • Hiking trousers

  • Hiking shorts

  • Water-proof jacket with hood

  • Hiking socks

  • Lightweight hiking shoes (MUST be worn in!)

  • At least two changes of exercise clothing

  • Trainers

  • Very casual evening clothes.

  • Something to carry your water in while on your hike

  • Hat to protect you from sun and/or sunglasses

  • Plenty of t-shirts for training

  • Jumper and a light jacket for the evening

  • Swimming suit

Packing List

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