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A Day in the Life at Nefeli Nine Retreats

This is an article for those of you who are thinking about the possibility of spending time with us and would like to know the ups and downs of what to expect in a day.

Few of us like waking up early and we are no exception.

Times below are approximate

07.00 We wake you up gently and serve your choice of hot drink to your bedroom to ease you into the morning. We’ll pretend not to hear you cursing…

07.15 Bleary eyed you’ll stumble onto the poolside terrace for some stretching and mobility exercises to wake both body and mind. A little more cursing is allowed.

Morning mobility by the pool

08.00 While you are stretching your tootsies you will begin to smell the fresh bread and coffee which will accompany a hearty breakfast and a choice of a myriad temptations: Eggs, avocado, olives, fresh local cheese, fresh jam, local thyme honey, fresh fruits and fruit juices, homemade granola, homemade pesto and lots more of whatever is in season that week. Vegan diets are also catered to. Eat like a king/queen because you’ll be working it off very soon…

Breakfast is served!

09.00 Now for the main attraction: A gloriously challenging (and very rewarding, you’ll feel exhausted and elated) hike through truly wonderful countryside trails with fresh sea air and spectacular views. There are different hikes and some are harder than others. The typical route profile will be either one hump or two humps which means that they start with an ascent and finish with a descent. Depending on the time of year, there’s a huge variety of blossom, flowers, fruit and herbs to smell and pick. Anything from grapes to wild asparagus!

You will be expending at least 1500-1750 calories on each of the hikes and becoming fitter. The difference will be noticeable with each passing day. The beauty of the surrounding nature and the variety of the sights and smells as you walk along make the hike a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Beautiful trails in Penteli

13.00 Lunch back at the villa

Hummus Buddha Bowl

15.30 A choice, or a combination, of:

  • Yoga

  • Pool based exercises

  • Boxing training

  • Beach based exercises

  • Circuit training / Resistance Bands / HIIT

All of the above are tailored to different fitness levels so you will never feel overwhelmed or underchallenged.

Yoga by the pool

17.30 – A soothing end to the day with a massage, some time to relax with a book or magazine, perhaps a facial, a manicure or a pedicure.

Showers, a glass of wine and then we have dinner at 20.00. A sumptuous dinner prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Everybody raves about our dinners.

All meals are prepared in accordance with guidelines from the Blue Zones. This means that the food is predominantly plant based (with occasional meat and fish dishes), fresh local olive oil and herbs, and everything sourced each day from organic farms near us. We only have access to the freshest seasonal ingredients.


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