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The 5 Koshas: A journey to the layers of our existence

I’m thrilled to be running a series of workshops where we will be exploring the concept of the five Koshas or sheaths of body and mind. The koshas represent the interconnection of body, mind, thought, emotion, and stillness. We will dive deeper into how the interconnections between different organizing systems work together to create human experiences helping us to redefine how we perceive, construct and experience our reality. In every workshop I will be sharing with you tools and yoga practices to help you reframe your experience and self-regulate according to your needs. We will close the workshops with a weekend yoga retreat where we will be bringing together what we explored into a cohesive and holistic yoga experience from muscles to soul.

Dates: 15/01, 29/01, 12/02

Time: 11:30 - 14:00

Location: Yoga Heart Kifissia, Irodotou 20, 145 63

Investment per workshop: €36 per workshop

Retreat: 25-27/02/2022 (location and price will be announced soon)

For more information: or 6937777410

Please note: Workshops will be run in Greek


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