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The Story Behind Troubelle

I am so excited to be working with Kirsten from Troubelle. She is a great friend and an incredible talent.

Troubelle is a fresh and rebellious brand from Europe harmonizing nature with fashion to create one-of-a-kind denim products, sneakers and art pieces. All custom pieces are handmade and designed to make the customer feel unique. Rather than creating new products, Kirsten founded Troubelle in 2016 to create new experiences. 

During her travels around the world, Kirsten experienced first-handed the environmental problems being caused by our over-consumption. And in her role as a fashion designer she was taken aback by the mass of over production and lack of consciousness within the fashion industry. She decided she didn’t want to create more products, but rather use old items and breath a new longer life into them. At Troubelle, every design tells a story. To create a truly unique piece, we ask the customer about their story and wishes and add it to the design. Above all we strive to create colourful sustainable pieces that will be treasured forever. 

We want to inspire the followers to live the colourful life that they are dreaming of, but we also want them to be part of Troubelle and make them more conscious while consuming fashion. For this reason we organize creative workshops and give tips on how to choose more conscious. 

We are very excited to organize this online workshop with Nefeli Nine and to inspire everybody to step out of their comfort zone and add new thrilling elements to their daily lives.

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