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The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Nefeli Nine

Should ‘Fitness’ and ‘Retreat’ be in the same sentence? If you need a holiday isn’t the most important thing to……just have a holiday?

Fitness retreats do involve a fair amount of exercise, that’s true. Conversely, this does not mean that you won’t feel rested by the end of the week. Exercise is great for our minds, it keeps us mentally invigorated, stretches our muscles, mobilises our joints and relieves aches and pains (while sometimes adding a few along the way!) Doing all this exercise releases positive endorphins (nerdy, but it is the thing that makes us happy) makes us more driven and lifts our outlook.

The advantages of living a healthy lifestyle are endless; you will feel better all round, your stress levels will be reduced, and your motivation increased!

The top 5 reasons to join us for a week at Nefeli Nine:


Your environment can either increase or reduce stress levels, which impacts the way you feel in a HUGE way. Being close to nature has a myriad of wonderfully positive effects, it calms you down, relieves stress and makes you feel happier. Clean air, beautiful vistas, wonderful scents and peaceful surroundings allow you to unwind and feel relaxed and reinvigorated. A break from your daily routine is important and is truly healing.

At Nefeli Nine we carefully selected our location to be near both the sea and the mountains, offering you the best of both worlds. You will love being here.

The Ancient City of Rhamnous


We could drone on using buzzwords like, locally sourced, organically grown, seasonal. All of which are true. Or we could promise you utterly delicious Mediterranean food.

We stick to the “Blue Zones” approach. Our meals are predominantly plant based, and we have a small amount of lean meat and fish during the week. It was important to us to have a meal plan that people could take inspiration from. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Simple, delicious flavours


There is a big difference between taking a holiday and going on a wellness retreat. Holidays can be more about doing, or helping others, or organizing things etc. A retreat allows you to simply live for the moment and enjoy your day. A retreat is all about you and listening to what it is that you need to do, no compromises!

At Nefeli Nine while we encourage our guests to take part in all activities, we don’t nanny you. Time away from the stresses of everyday life will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated!

Early morning mobility


The wonderful thing about going on a retreat (by yourself, with your other half, or with a friend) is that you already have a shared common interest with other guests. Within the week strangers quickly become friends, as shyness fades and people share, laugh and learn from their fellow guests.


A retreat offers two trips for the price of one, financially and mentally: a holiday in a beautiful location combined with an experience that makes you feel amazing.

We have five different hikes during the week offering different views, experiences and a dash of ancient history in each. You will visit an archaeological site, a small working farm, a beautiful lake, the source of some of the most pristine marble in Europe and have a stunning walk along the rugged coast line with views on the sea and the islands.


If you have never been on a retreat, or have preconceived ideas about what they are, or who goes on them, Nefeli Nine is for you. Our clients age range is anything between 18-75. Our programme (devised by the best of the best) is structured to ensure all are equally challenged irrespective of their fitness levels.

You will leave us having exercised your body and relaxed your mind and feeling healthier in both. You will be on Nefeli Nine!


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