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Broccoli 'Pesto'

This delicious vegan take on pesto, uses broccoli, walnuts and a pinch of Greek inspiration!

I joined in a virtual cooking class with Sophie Gordon this weekend and I didn't have all the ingredients necessary for her pesto, so I made a couple of adjustments. This works great as a dip, as a pasta sauce or as a sandwich spread.


1 small broccoli, approx 125g - roughly chopped

100g walnuts (any nuts will work here)

2 cloves garlic - minced

1 cup lightly packed fresh dill and mint (you can also use parsley or basil)

1 lemon - juiced and 1/2 zested Approx ½ cup olive oil Pinch of dried chilli Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the broccoli for around 6 minutes, until it starts to feel tender.

Remove from the heat and blanche in cold water. Drain all the water and let it cool down.

While your broccoli is cooling off add walnuts, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon juice, zest and olive oil to a blender. Blitz until it starts to form a rough paste. Add in the broccoli, chilli and some seasoning. Blitz again until it starts to form a smoothe paste. You may need to add extra olive oil if it is too thick.


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