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The Perfect Energy Ball Formula

We have done a LOT of testing and discovered that there is a formula for making the perfect energy ball. The formula below is for the most standard energy ball. Below I will give some further suggestions.


  • 1 cup dried fruits - I tend to use a mixture of pitted dates and apricots

  • 1 cup nuts and seeds - again feel free to experiment here, I often use a mixture of pecans, walnuts, almonds and pistachios

  • 2-3 tbsp of any nut butter of your choice

  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds or chia seeds


  • Pulse dried fruits in a blender until they break into smaller pieces or it forms a ball.

  • Add the nuts, chia seeds and nut butter and pulse or mix until combined.

  • Carefully roll into small balls, using the warmth of your hands to mold them together. I tend to use a spoon to scoop the mixture into my hands, this keeps them relatively consistent in size!

  • Pop them into the fridge or freezer to set. Otherwise, eat as is! Will keep fresh in an air-tight bag or container for up to a week. Freeze for longer term storage.

How to Customize Your Energy Ball Recipe

There really is no end to the possibilities with flavour combinations for this recipe, but if you are trying to get creative, here are the places you can change things up:

  • Roll your balls in sesame seeds or cocoa powder

  • Add in some orange zest or dessicated coconut

  • Chocolate chips are always a good idea!

  • Throw in some protein powder if you want to boost the protein levels

  • Add a little spice: ginger, cinammon, nutmeg even Turmeric


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